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Family and Social Worker


You can easliy book an appointment by e-mail or phone with one of our experienced interior designers.
Customer service will contact you within 24 hours and arrange a designer to come to the measuring scale without any charge.

Editorial Design

Design / Quotation

After you communicate the detailed requirements with the designer, the drawing will be produced within 3 working days.
Designer will continue to communicate with you efficiently, to answer all your decoration problems.

Countertop Measurement


When you are satisfied with the final design and quotation, we will arrange a surveyor to use professional instruments for accurate measurement. Check the site condition to ensure the production dimension is accurate.


Scheduled Delivery / Installation

Integration of kitchen delivery and installation, save time and manpower.
The certified joinery team will efficiently create the perfect look and feel for you. Ideal after-sale service makes you more assururing.

Process: Services
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