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Tips for Small Kitchen Design NZ

No matter how compact your kitchen is, it can still offer functionality and good looks. A smart small kitchen design NZ can make the space look a whole lot bigger and better. The key to a great kitchen layout is good planning. When you have an intelligent plan, that’s when you can make sure the room meets all your needs. Listed below are some of the tips for small kitchen design NZ:

Ensure that the cabinets are smooth, streamlined, & Modern

If you are planning to include cabinets in your small kitchen, remember that cabinet designs are one of the most important and defining elements of a compact space. It is better to replace heavy handles and knobs with slim and sleek handles, magnetic strips, or tiny knobs. This gives your cabinets a minimal yet modern look, making the space seem larger.

Extend cupboards to the ceiling

One of the most crucial tips to consider for small kitchen design NZ is to extend cupboards to the ceiling. Try not to waste the space above your cabinets. Ask your contractor to extend the pantry cabinets to the ceiling or you can even add new cupboards in that area for storing additional items. This will give a good height to your otherwise tiny kitchen.

Select tiles in soothing natural tones

When updating a small kitchen, ensure you carefully select tiles as they are like your secret weapon. Titles that are highly reflective and glossy or the ones with muted and natural tones will help you create a sense of space. Avoid going for small or heavily patterned titles as they can overpower a small space.

Choose the ideal small kitchen countertop

If you wish to add character to your small kitchen, you can go for pale natural stones. Choose a countertop with a finish that can boost the light. Moreover, you can also opt for stainless steel to give your kitchen a professional touch. The warm contrast of wood against white units is also a good addition.

Kitchen Design NZ

Incorporate shiny and reflective materials

Another important tip for small kitchen design NZ is to create an illusion of space. When it comes to creating the illusion of space, what works better than glass and mirrors? Large glass doors can make the kitchen look like it doesn’t end right there. Incorporating glass in your wooden cabinetry is also a good idea. Plus, you can also install a backsplash using glass or reflective tiles.

Add luxurious small details

Whatever type of kitchen you have, whether it is modern or traditional, aesthetics are important. Unfussy designs with clean lines tend to work best in small spaces. Additionally, you can add a touch of style and luxury by adding more decorative handles and good lighting. Pendant lights in a small kitchen can add to the overall aesthetic.

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