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Things to install in a Kitchen Pantry NZ

An organized kitchen pantry is everyone’s dream. If you are planning for a kitchen remodel or are constructing a new kitchen, you must plan for the kitchen pantry. Nobody likes a messy kitchen or pantry. An organized kitchen pantry NZ will give you quick and easy access to everything stored in the kitchen. The good thing is that you won’t have to break your bank to make your kitchen pantry more organized. Simple changes and easy-to-follow tips are all you need to have a functional kitchen pantry NZ.

Use Clear Jars – Store your staples in clear jars. These could be pulses, dry goods such as nuts and cereals, tea, sugar, as well as things like pasta and macaroni. When you store items in clear jars, you can streamline them to place similar items next to each other. For example, if you have to store pulses, you can buy 6 or 7 jars or containers of the same size for uniformity. This will also give you an idea of the quantity of each item stored in the pantry shelves and how much of it is left.

Shopping List – A shopping list also needs to be clearly placed in the pantry. It can be updated by just anyone who uses the kitchen. It can list the items which have finished or are about to finish so they can be purchased whenever you have to go out for your weekly shopping. You can also spend a few moments every week checking what items are needed in the pantry and updating the shopping list accordingly. The list can be placed on the counter or written on a piece of paper attached to the fridge with magnets.

Extra Shelves – You always need storage in the kitchen, so adding extra shelves in the pantry is always a plus point. Organizing the jars and cans in the pantry will be a lot easier when you have storage space available.

Storage Baskets – Small items can be hard to store but with storage baskets, organizing them is a whole lot easier. These storage baskets allow you to easily store small containers and packets side by side.

Cabinet Door Shelves – When looking for storage space in the pantry, don’t forget the cabinet door. You can add shelves to the cabinet door so there is no inch of space left unutilized. Shelf units can be easily purchased online depending on the size of your cabinet door.

Turntables – Turntables allow quick and easy access to small bottles, jars, and items. Storing small bottles and jars can be tricky, and accessing them from the back of the shelf can be even trickier. This is when turntables come in. They make small items, especially bottles and jars much more accessible.

Pullout Storage – If you have free space under the shelves, you can use pullout storage to store bulky goods. A good idea will be to use crates, and if they come with wheels, that will be even better!

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