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Pantry Cupboard NZ: The Secret of a Well-Organized Kitchen

A pantry cupboard NZ is often overlooked when homeowners are designing their homes. However, the majority of people start looking for extra space to put things like appliances, canned foods, etc. immediately after moving in. To avoid this, you must dedicate a pantry space when you are designing your house. In case, you are buying a fully-constructed house, you can also choose the one that has some extra space attached to the kitchen. However, you can also build an add-on space in your backyard or on any other open side of your home.

Whatever style you choose, a pantry cupboard NZ will make a stunning style statement in your kitchen. Plus, when paired with classy finishing touches, such as handles or lighting, it will make your space look super attractive. Further, you can add to the aesthetics of your pantry cupboard by either creating symmetry with your appliances or smartly going for open shelving.

Where to Build a Kitchen Pantry?

It’s better to have a kitchen pantry in your kitchen. In short, it should be an extension of your kitchen. Although you can have it elsewhere in the house, there is no point in designing a pantry where you’ll have to go all the way to get access to certain things. Linking it to your kitchen will also make your overall kitchen space look bigger. A pantry cupboard NZ not only looks good but also helps in maintaining things better.

However, most of the houses are small and if you are someone who has smaller space that can be dedicated to a pantry, don’t worry. A simple cupboard will do the job quite well. All you need to do is get organizers, shelves for ingredients/cutlery, and baskets for fresh produce that must be stored at room temperature. Moreover, install bigger cabinets for electrical appliances and racks for drinks. You can store all your spices in smaller jars.

Besides that, you can add deeper shelves at the bottom for big pans. Also, baking nowadays requires a lot of sophisticated items like a pippin gun nozzle. For such small stuff, you can add drawers. Just be sure to store your ingredients on the higher to medium shelves and not at the bottom. This is important for houses with kids, and it will also ensure your ingredients stay safe from getting infested with insects.

No more clutter

Just imagine, everything that should be kept in a pantry cupboard NZ is placed somewhere else in the kitchen. Drawers are fully-packed and counters are overflowing. That’s not a good sight, right? Well, that’s a kitchen without a pantry closet. The kitchen pantry helps bring order to the kitchen chaos. A pantry cabinet will make your life so much easier as everything will be where it needs to be.

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