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Ideas for Beautiful Kitchen Design Auckland

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

Small kitchen design ideas can transform your existing kitchen to make it look bigger and more spacious. Small homes and apartments have small kitchens which can make cooking a claustrophobic event. Lack of space in your kitchen can make cooking an exhausting and stressful experience. However, this can be easily handled when the available kitchen space is used efficiently. Given below are some ideas that can be used to transform and improve your kitchen.

Experiment with Colors

The use of colors and paint on the walls as well as the counters, cupboards, and kitchen furniture can make a huge impact on the kitchen space. Using neutral colors does not necessarily mean that the kitchen will look dull or boring. Light shades will definitely make light illuminate the walls and give a feel of the kitchen being open and spacious. Similarly, dark-colored walls will make the space look congested and busy.

Use Proper Lighting

When you plan kitchen lighting, it does not only refer to artificial lighting but it refers to natural lighting as well. When there is natural lighting entering the kitchen from the windows or skylights, it helps stimulate productivity. It also helps reduce stress and anxiety levels and also saves money through efficiency. Natural lighting entering the kitchen as well as the home increases the overall value of the home as well.

When it comes to using artificial lights in the kitchen, there are various options available. These include lights that are close to the ceiling, pendant lights, recessed lights, LED strip lights, as well as flush mount lights.

Use Smart Appliances

Smaller kitchens work best when you use smart appliances. When your kitchen space is tiny, you cannot use large kitchen appliances. Use the space wisely and buy kitchen appliances and furniture that is specifically designed for tiny spaces. Today, you will be able to find flexible nd versatile appliances that are efficient and will do the job perfectly!

Use Floating Shelves

When designing or remodeling a small kitchen, using the shelf space wisely is extremely important. A good idea for a small kitchen is to use floating shelves or add drawers to your pantry shelves. Drawers are great to store smaller cutlery or spices and you can even use baskets on the shelves to organize them properly.

Maximize Storage Space with Wall Units

Storage space is extremely important for any kitchen, whether big or small. Wall units are extremely beneficial and they use up very little space. Similarly, you can add wall units that run above your base units to double the kitchen storage potential.

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