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How to install kitchen benchtops NZ?

A kitchen benchtop can transform the look and functionality of your kitchen. Many people opt to install kitchen benchtop NZ themselves, as a DIY project, by following YouTube videos or instructions found online. However, if you don’t have the time or patience to install a kitchen benchtop NZ, it will be better to hire kitchen remodeling experts like AKL Kitchen Solutions NZ to do the job. Let’s have a look at some of the important things to consider when you are planning to install kitchen benchtops NZ.

Tools Needed to install Laminate Kitchen Benchtop NZ

A laminate kitchen benchtop can transform the look, feel, and functionality of your kitchen completely. You will need to follow some simple steps and have the right tools to go ahead and install the kitchen benchtop NZ. Some essential tools you will need include the carpenter’s square, chisel, drill, hand saw, impact driver, ruler, pencil, and tape measure to name a few. For safety purposes, it is recommended that you wear safety goggles and use ear muffs when installing the laminate kitchen benchtop NZ. You will also need screws and brackets to attach the benchtop to the wall. Some other materials you will need include wood glue as well as benchtop joiners.

Easy Steps to Install a Kitchen Benchtop

Below, we outline some easy steps to help you install the kitchen benchtop NZ if you are doing it yourself:

§ Use the ruler and pencil to mark the sections where the bench will be joined together

§ Make holes for the benchtop joiners

§ Use screws and brackets to attach the bench to the wall or kitchen cabinet

§ Lastly, join the bench sections together

If you do not want to use a laminate kitchen benchtop, you can also go for a stone kitchen benchtop. It will not only change the whole look of your kitchen by giving it a grand look, but it will also be durable and sturdy. However, when going for a stone kitchen benchtop, you will need the services of kitchen remodeling professionals. Cutting and fitting stone is tricky as compared to fitting wooden laminate sheets. Similarly, if there are any bulges or dips in the surrounding wall or cabinet where you want to install the stone kitchen benchtop, you may not be able to do the job yourself.

Things to consider when installing a kitchen benchtop

When installing a kitchen benchtop, you have to keep three important things in mind:

§ Benchtop overhang

§ Benchtop height

§ Benchtop support

These three are important to determine the exact placement of the installation of the benchtop. The benchtop will be installed close to other installations in the kitchen such as the stove, dishwasher, cooking range, as well as kitchen basin. If you need assistance in properly installing the kitchen benchtop, contact the kitchen remodeling experts at AKL Kitchen Solutions NZ to do the job.

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