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Essentials Every Functional Laundry Design NZ Needs

A laundry room is considered the least exciting space in a home. Therefore, when it comes to laundry design NZ, a common mistake majority of homeowners make is not taking enough time to plan everything properly hence resulting in an ineffective laundry space.

It’s quite important that you decide what you want to add to your laundry design NZ before you begin working on the layout to make sure you make the most out of the space. Listed below are some must-have features to include in your laundry design to achieve a completely functional space so washing and folding clothes are no longer an unpleasant task.

Cupboards, cupboards, and more cupboards

Cupboards are imperative. They are used to store various items, so ensure you have ample room. It’s best to include a tall cupboard for items like ironing boards, brooms, mops, or anything that may feature a handle or a long pole. Also, add high cupboards where you can store chemicals so they are out of reach from children. Cupboards can fill up with things in almost no time, and if you have less space, it gets difficult to store everything neatly. When you have enough cupboards and a variety of storage areas, your laundry rooms become more comfortable and efficient.

An efficient sink

Remember that laundry sinks are way deeper than kitchen sinks, making them perfect for hand-washing clothes, soaking items, or filling up mop buckets with water. Moreover, you can opt for stainless steel sinks as they look modern, are durable, and are stain resistant. When it comes to laundry design NZ, it’s best to plan everything.

Hanging space to dry clothes

A dryer is a great option for drying clothes inside, but sometimes people want to cut back on electricity usage. This could be because there aren’t enough clothes to justify switching it on. If you are someone who doesn’t want an electrical dryer, you can always opt for indoor retractable clotheslines. They work with a pulley system and you can extend them whenever you need.

Bench space

Every laundry room deserves to have a bench space. However, many people forget to add a bench to their laundry. Benches can save you from using a kitchen table or any other furniture item to sort and fold clothes. When the bench is not in use, you can place some décor items on it to bring personality and warmth into the space.

Good lighting & Ventilation

Good lighting will help the laundry room look and feel pleasant, especially when the sun is going down. It is also crucial at times when you need clear vision may be for cleaning stains. Adequate ventilation is a necessity, otherwise, your room will become a perfect breeding ground for mold, causing damage to the structure of the home.

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