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Create a Classic Kitchen with Auckland Kitchen Solutions!

If you want an elegant yet realistic-looking kitchen that will go with your personal style and your needs, then a classic kitchen is the perfect style for you. A classic kitchen is still the most popular style because nothing can beat its simple design combined with traditional details.

Moreover, classic kitchen designs are simple but timeless. The minor details and neutral color palettes suit a variety of tastes, styles, and budgets. You can now create your own classic kitchen with the help of AKL Kitchen Solutions.

Here’s how AKL Kitchen Solutions makes sure your classic kitchen not only looks great but works great too!

Classic Kitchen Cabinets

Besides being extremely functional, classic kitchen cabinets add a timeless appeal and warmth to a kitchen. Additionally, classic kitchen cabinets don’t have to be very complex. A simple cabinet door will do the job. However, if you want to be a little bit fancy, a bit of bead molding around the inside panel can be a good idea. Cabinets play a major role in setting the tone of a classic kitchen.

When designing a classic kitchen, you can’t go wrong with white cabinets. If your entire space is white, they’ll blend right in. However, if you have a darker kitchen theme in mind, then you’ll have to incorporate white kitchen cabinets more intelligently. When done right with the help of AKL Kitchen Solutions, they can create a stunning contrast. In short, classic white kitchen cabinets are a great choice!

classic Kitchen cabinets

Elegant Detailing

When you choose AKL Kitchen Solutions for designing a classic kitchen for you, be sure to have elegant detailing. Rounded-edge countertops can create a completely different look and add charm as compared to straight edges. One of the best ways to incorporate elegant detailing into your classic kitchen is by giving some thought to your countertop’s edge profile. In case the rest of the kitchen has taken on a straight-edged look, make sure you add some variance by adding a bullnose edge to your countertop. It will help you create an elegant yet simple look that is the strength of a classic kitchen.

Keep it Light

Remember, classic kitchens are designed to be timeless, fresh, and charming rather than complex, dark, and overly done. Sticking to an overall light appearance with some dark accents will make your space beautiful while creating a perfect classic kitchen design. When it comes to classic kitchens, white is the best color. However, you can always add dark contrasts like stainless steel appliances, dark flooring, and black quartz countertops. It will help you tone down the overpowering all-white theme. Don’t hesitate to incorporate other lighter hues like creamy stone countertops.

Mind the Decor and Appliances

When choosing décor items for your classic kitchen design, make sure you don’t overdo the accessories. Keep it simple. The appearance of each décor item or appliance should be able to communicate its purpose. Avoid adding elements like touch screens in fridges because they only add complications.

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