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The Modern Designs in NZ

The modern kitchen excels in using straight lines to divide areas and shapes, reducing unnecessary lines and decorations, and presenting a sense of transparency and openness throughout the space.
The modern kitchen layout is mainly open, and while it significantly simplifies the traditional kitchen decoration form, it also retains the functions it should have. It integrates cookware, appliances, and gas appliances into one, perfectly combines appliances and cabinets, and provides complete sets of products according to the user's needs. This kind of kitchen grouped the old kitchen's fragmented parts into one, making the organisation of kitchenware more concise and clear and significantly improving cooking efficiency.
After many years of evolution, modern kitchens gradually evolve into diversification. For example, the intelligent kitchen home design in the daily use of details adds many high-tech elements. Drawers, regardless of the weight and width, as long as a light pull, you can automatically open or induction open so that even if both hands have something, you can also be free to control.

Talk with one of Auckland Kitchen solutions' designers now to look at the latest genius designs.

Moden Kitchens: Pro Gallery
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