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Kitchen Cabinets

Which kind of kitchen cabinet material is best in NZ? Take a minute to understand and avoid the pitfalls!

The size and dimensions of the custom-made kitchen cabinets in NZ need to be tailored, but the biggest headache for everyone at the moment should be the choice of material. Nowadays, there are more and more options for cabinets and wardrobes in home decoration, and it is difficult for people to choose the most suitable material for their beloved house among many options, because the life span and price of different materials are different. 


Today Auckland Kitchen Solutions will summarise several kitchen and pantry cupboards commonly used selection materials in nz for you, hope it can help you.

Cabinet Materials


Melamine finish, substrate to a moisture-resistant MDF. These are all locally sourced in New Zealand. Affordable, stylish, and family-friendly, melamine is a great choice for your nz kitchen pantry cabinets. A huge range of colors and finishes to choose from. 

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Kitchen made by melamine


Thermoforming is a process whereby a tough vinyl film is wrapped around the surface and edges of cabinet doors, drawers and end panels and then bonded in our thermoforming press under heat and vacuum pressure. This provides a seamless, hardwearing and moisture resistant surface without the need for edge tape.
Ideal for creating classic cabinets with door profiles. Elegance and class are its hallmarks and it is the perfect choice for those of you who are looking for quality. 
 The elegantly modeling doors of the pantry cupboard are a favorite of the NZ housewife.

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Our highly durable and attractive acrylic range, available in gloss or matt finish, is flawless and functional. Acrylic does not have as many color options as melamine, but its durability and sophisticated finish make it a popular choice for many owner-occupied homes.

The combination of acrylic and melamine is also popular, with elegant black or white combined with vibrant wood grain providing a premium texture throughout the interior.

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Nature Veneer. Naturally beautiful, naturally unique.

Bring the natural richness of real wood to your interior projects by combining the warmth and beauty of real wood with the flexibility and practicality of veneer. This is a naturally better choice for residential, commercial, shopfitting, or hotel furniture. Thanks to the natural variations in color, grain, and markings, each natural wood veneer has its unique character, just like a human fingerprint.

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